The players

Noah Hassler-Forrest

Momently I study Musician 3.0 at the Conservatory of Utrecht, with violin as main subject. This study is all about creating, improvising and experimenting, what are the things I love most doing when I make music. Before I started studying Musician 3.0 I have had classical Violin lessons for years. I've in the  young talent class of the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen and the Sweelinck Academy in Amsterdam and I did one year of pre-bachelor classical violin. I love RAGAZZI because we are friends in the first place and a band in the second place. As a result, the dynamics and atmosphere are almost always good when we play / rehearse, and we increasingly feel each other when improvising.
One of my dreams is playing on festivals all over the world, but even more important to me is using my music to bijdragen to a better world. Obtaining attention for the environment, poverty etc.


Joshua Herwig

At the age of 5 I fell in Love with the sound of cello and began with lessens with Esther de Boer. After that I followed classes with René Berman and Maria Hol. In 2013 I started in the Jong Talentenklas at the conservatorium with Jeroen Den Herder in Rotterdam and with Karlien Bartels in Zwolle. After that I received lessons from Pamela Smits and now I study with Mick Stirling and Jeffrey Bruinsma at the Conservatory of Amsterdam

On my musical journey I have had masterclasses with many inspiring musicians, such as the Markus Stockhausen, Johannes Moser, Gavriel Lipkind and Jeffrey Bruinsma.

I have won prizes at the Britten Concours, Herman Krebbers Concours, Regional final of the princes Christina Concours in 2018 and National final of the princes Christina Concours in 2020. I played in the Britten Youth Orchestra for nine years from 2011 till 2019 where I was leading cellist for the last 4 years. 

I love composing and improvising. For Ragazzi I wrote in 2018 the composition Cascada, it is about a wild waterfall. I also make orchestral and chamber arrangements for various ensembles. 


Wouter Torringa 

At the age of 7 I started playing the violin in Groningen with Rita Rouw. A few years later I participated in the "Muziekdagen Orvelte", where I met 4 odd boys, who soon became friends for life!
Since 2019 I study with Chris Duindam at the Conservatory of Utrecht and I write a lot of songs and compositions.

I am always surprised about the possibilities in music still. There are always new ways.
The greatness of the Ragazzi is that everyone is open to that. Whatever crazy Idea, we look in to it.


Ischa Kooistra

Ischa started playing the cello at the age of three. First things he learnt were about posture and open strings. After that period he learnt to play several songs, pieces and studies of Popper and all kinds of stuff. 2011 was the year Ischa started playing in a String Orchestra for children: Hvso. Conducted by Gijs van Schaik. A few years later Ischa went to the youth orchestra of Groningen: The Haydn Youth String Orchestra. Conducted by Jan-Ype Nota. In this way he created a broad experience in ensemble playing. He also got some experience at several music courses Called 'Muziekdagen Orvelte' and 'Zomercursus woudschoten'. Besides that, he participated several times in musical competitions. He also got Cello lessons from great cello teachers in several conservatories. Such as Den Haag and Groningen. In this way he  built up a high level of skill and musical imagination. In 2018 he started to study in Zwolle with Cello Professor Karlien Bartels. He also composes and improvises a lot with RAGAZZI. Besides that, Ischa is teaching cello in the East of the Netherlands.


Reinout De Vey Mestdagh